Mercedes Ambulance

Ambulance conversions run the risk of looking just like an ambulance and from my experience of those I’ve seen in the Dales that’s what many of them end up looking like. However this site should be an inspiration to anyone thinking of converting an ambulance.

DIY Motorhome

The site owner, Brian Murphy, shows, through a series of photographs, the unconverted vehicle, the conversion process and the finished van. It just goes to show that, with a bit of imagination, and hard work a really nice camper van can be created from an old ambulance.

Mr Murphy set out to create a camper van with a budget of £1000. He doesn’t tell us if he kept within his budget but by a mixture of judicious scrap yard purchases and simple construction he has preduced what looks like an excellent van. The finished van has a drop down bed and a nice paint job.

So what I was really looking for was a cheap van, with a solid chassis and an aluminium or fibreglass body. Deciding I was wasting my time even starting to look, I decided to console myself with a beer and a browse for cheap kit cars on ebay, and that’s when it happened.
An ambulance. Well serviced, fibreglass body, easy to convert, perfect.

Sadly Brian’s blog is no longer accessible.