LDV 400 conversion

This van started life as a Parcel Force delivery van with a rear steel roller door and fibre glass body.

“Big Ian” details his build process and the choices that he has made along the way. The quality of what Ian has produced should be an inspiration to anyone looking to complete their own motorhome. Its amazing how a good paint job gives the completed van the look of a motorhome and hides the vans more humble origins. The removal of the roller door and fitting of an insulated ply sandwich wall has transformed the vehicle.

I didn’t think the removal of the roller door would have made so much difference but it has transformed the truck into a brighter warmer quitter more usable vehicle.

Building this van has been the most amazing journey for us and would recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest thought of doing the same.

Sadly this is another blog page that has disappeared.