Ford Transit Mini Bus to Campervan

This Blogspot site details how Joe Freeman has converted a tired old Ford Transit Mini Bus bought for just £300 into a first class camper van in less than 6 months and he has done it on a very short shoe string.

The site has lots of detailed drawings and photographs detailing the whole build and should be a true inspiration to anyone who wants a campervan but does not have a massive budget. In fact it looks like Joe will end up spending less than £500 by using recycled materials from a pine bed and upholstery he was given from a caravan.

From £300 van to reality in under 6 months and for a total budget of less than £750. Along the way Joe has designed and made some excellent storage and seating solutions.

Visit Joe’s Blogspot site here: A bus for us

Joe is now selling an eBook of the build.

A bus for us.

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